Oculus Quest Accessories & add-ons

Discover our accessories for this standalone (all-in-one) Oculus Quest gaming headset that works without a PC or phone. With its new Inside-out tracking system, the quality of the headset is similar to an Oculus Go and HTC Vive Focus but with 2 controllers and in 6 DoF (6 Degrees of Freedom) for complete interaction with your environment. It's time to equip yourself with additional accessories to enhance your videogame experience, secure your equipment and protect it.

Did you know ? You can now connect your Quest headset to your compatible VR PC and play Half-Lify Alyx, No Man's Sky, Skyrim VR and all PC VR games with a special "Oculus Link" cable.

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Oculus Link Headset Cable...
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Oculus Link Headset Cable (Alternative) - AMVR

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Price €24.99
Anti-fog & disinfectant spray for VR headset
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Anti-fog & Cleaning spray for VR headset

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Price €8.15
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Optimize your experience with Quest

Oculus Quest Accessories & Gadgets

For an optimal experience of your stand-alone helmet, you will need additional accessories for several reasons :

  • Travelling with your technology device = Adapted carrying bag
  • Protect the headset faceplate and its controllers Oculus Touch V2 = Protective shells & Cover
  • Connection cables
  • Additional powerbank to extend the autonomy of the device

An original gift for Oculus Quest owners?

Which gifts to offer with a touch of originality? If you know a friend or family member who owns a Quest helmet and is a fan of technology. Offer a VR Power for extended autonomy, a VR Cover for comfort or a Lenspen VR pen for flawless lens cleaning.

Unofficial products that perform just as well !

Our team sources products from around the world to bring you the best at more affordable prices, such as the Official Oculus Link cable sold at 89€ while we offer its equivalent at 29.99€ from the AMVR brand.

The trendy high-tech accessory!

Immersive Display's specialists offer complementary items for the most technophiles to personalize your trip in the heart of the virtual world.