ActivHub RF50 Radio frequency 3D Emitter - Volfoni

Wireless synchronization of Volfoni 3D glasses

ActivHub RF50 Radio frequency 3D Emitter - Volfoni (VPES-04100)

This device is particularly suitable for use in the field of virtual reality thanks to its omnidirectional signal without interference :

  • Selectable RF channels (12 channels)
  • Anti-interference multi-channel mode
  • Transmission range: from 1 to 30 metres
  • Works with EDGE RF / EDGE VR / ActivEyes Pro goggles

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HFR compatible product

The Volfoni Activhub RF50 is a transmitter that provides wireless synchronisation of the glasses with a 3D display system (Projectors, 3D flat screens). Simple to use, it provides a radio frequency signal over a long range (up to 30m) and without interference. ActivHub RF50 supports IR (infrared), BNC, DLP-Link and VESA 3D signals which it converts into RF waves to synchronise ActivEyes or EDGE RF 3D glasses.

Ideal for installations in CAVEs with tracking cameras

Compatible 3D Systems

  • 3D-Ready DLP-Link, SXRD, D-ILA, LCD projectors with infrared or DLP-Link synchronisation.
  • 3D systems with VESA, BNC or Panasonic Jack 3 1/2" connector.

Compatible 3D Screens

  • Plasma, 3DTV LCD, OLED with integrated infrared emitter (Attention: Full HD 3D RF and Bluetooth not compatible)

In the box

  • (1) ActivHub RF50
  • (1) VESA cable
  • (1) BNC cable
  • (1) USB cable
  • (1) Operating instructions


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