Carry your VR headset everywhere

Suitcase : For professionals who have an imperative need to regularly transport their virtual reality equipment, with laptop PC and accessories, we offer suitcases with foam cutting to integrate your equipment, from a customizable solution to a "Plug" solution & Play ". Shoulder strap or Trolley according to your needs.
Backpack : More mobile and less bulky, our backpacks contain modular compartments for universal compatibility with all models of helmets, joysticks and cameras. With velcro fasteners to secure your tripods.

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Showing 1-6 of 6 item(s)

Collection of suitcase and bag for traveling

GOVR suitcases

The new GOVR suitcase collection allows you to carry the necessary equipment to create an optimal virtual reality immersion, accessories and supports feet / tripods. Several sizes and models, compact version, suitcase version large size roulette to put in slot without any fear during your air travel.

The common features of the GOVR suitcase collection are: Robust, High Quality Foam, Lockable, Aircraft Cargo (Depresurisation), Waterproof (IP67), designed for professional use.