Oculus Go Accessories: VR & Autonomous

The Oculus Go headset is completely autonomous, does not require smartphones or PC and no cables to connect. It is this new generation of autonomous VR headsets that is entering the virtual reality market, aimed at a larger audience. In order to facilitate and improve your immersive experience, we offer a range of accessories for the Oculus Go.

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Anti-fog & disinfectant spray for VR headset
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Anti-fog & Cleaning spray for VR headset

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Our recommendation of accessories and by-products for Oculus Go

Oculus Go accessories

A standalone VR headset

Immerse yourself in virtual reality with this standalone all-in-one headset. No more need for smartphone devices or PCs. Take this helmet wherever you want.

Made of breathable materials and fabrics, adjustable straps and new generation lenses. The headset features a built-in headphone audio system for intense, immersive sound and a 3.5mm audio jack.

Customize your gaming experience

Choose a new AC charger or a new external battery to never run out of battery again. Prefer a new Bluetooth controller or Joystick replacement for your Oculus Go headset, In short it's up to you.