Magnetic Face and Rear cushion VIVE Focus 3 (Narrow)

99H12235-00 : Magnetic Face and Rear cushion VIVE Focus 3

Kit to replace the original cushions in the front and rear of the VIVE Focus 3 :

  • Maintain long-term comfort by replacing the original cushions
  • Leatherette padding for easy cleaning
  • Magnetic attachment design to quickly attach, detach and clean foam
  • Size: Narrow

Available in Wide version


Compatibility : HTC Vive Focus 3 HTC Vive Focus 3


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Practical design

In a highly hygienic area, the magnetic sensitive area, the VIVE Focus 3's magnetic quick release design allows users to quickly remove and reattach their own VR face pads and back padding.

This magnetic quick-release design makes the Focus 3 by far the most scalable and easy-to-deploy VR system on the market.

It makes rotating multiple users in and out of the VR quickly throughout the day much easier to achieve.

Material & hygiene

In addition to the magnetic quick release, the cushions and padding are durable and easy to maintain.

All cushions are lined with PU (polyurethane) leather, which not only makes them extremely comfortable to wear, but also very easy to clean.


Data sheet

1 year manufacturer's warranty
MPN (Manufacturer Product Number)
HTC Vive Focus 3
Leather imitation


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