VR Deals : Promotions & Good Plans

Discover new promotions every week on our accessories and spare parts for your virtual reality headset. Ephemeral "VR Deals" promotions limited in time (dynamic counting on the product sheet). - Visible on the home page in the "VR Deals" tab or - Available on the following page: Take advantage of our good deals regularly;)

HQ & Logistics Agency

Immersive Display has a head office in Paris and a Logistics Agency in Laval, we present the premises : 1) Offices - Paris : There is no physical store or stock in Paris, these are offices placed at our disposal and a domiciliation for the head office of the company. Immersive Display 242 Boulevard Voltaire 75011 Paris FRANCE 2) Logistics Agency - Laval : The logistics agency is...

Welcome to the new 2019 website

Immersive Display has a new look in 2019. It was time to upgrade to a new version of our site by fixing small bugs and improving the functionality of the site as well as user ergonomics (UX). This outing marks the launch of our new graphic charter, more refined and highlighting the images produced. Here are the new features of the site: - Stock in real time - Better legibility of images...