HQ & Logistics Agency

Immersive Display has a head office in Paris and a Logistics Agency in Laval, we present the premises : 1) Offices - Paris : There is no physical store or stock in Paris, these are offices placed at our disposal and a domiciliation for the head office of the company. Immersive Display 242 Boulevard Voltaire 75011 Paris FRANCE 2) Logistics Agency - Laval : The logistics agency is the heart of our company's business, where the entire team works full time. All of our products in stock is located in this room of + 100m² (secure). Immersive Logistics Rue de la Brique, ZA la Biochère 53810 Changé LA FRANCE Why Laval? At the heart of the VR ecosystem in France, we meet and work with many major players in virtual reality in France and Europe: - Laval Virtual Center & Laval Virtual - Clarity - Startup incubator - and many others