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    Anti Scratch Lens & silicone Ring (Quest/Rift S/Go)
    • Anti Scratch Lens & silicone Ring (Quest/Rift S/Go)
    • Protective frame
    • Prevent lens shocks/scratches
    • Compatible with Oculus Quest, Rift S, Go
    • Different sizes available (6mm/5mm/4mm)
    • In the box

    Anti Scratch Lens & silicone Ring (Quest, Rift S, Go)


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    Avoid scratching the lenses of your virtual reality headset with this "anti-scratch" protection kit :

    • Compatibility : Oculus Quest - Oculus Rift S - Oculus Go
    • Silicone anti-scratch ring separates the glasses from the lenses to prevent rubbing and scratching
    • 3 sizes (thickness of the anti-scratch rings) to adapt to your comfort and morphology: 6mm/5mm/4mm
    • Customize colors for fun: Red/Blue/Black
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    Prevent lens shocks/scratches

    This protection kit is recommended for spectacle wearers: The "anti-scratch" silicone ring adds extra thickness to the lens frame to prevent your glasses from touching the lenses.

    Anti-scratch for Oculus Quest, Rift S and Go lenses/glasses


    The Oculus headsets listed below have one thing in common: The design of the optical elements. You can therefore use our protection kit for the following devices :

    • Oculus Quest
    • Oculus Rift S
    • Oculus Go

    Instructions for use

    1. Remove the original "protective frame" from the lens of your headset.
    2. Choose the appropriate silicone ring (depending on size) to be positioned on the new "protective frame".
    3. Install the frame starting with one side, then the other side, finally press to "clip".

    In the box

    • (2) Lens protection frame
    • (1) Silicone ring pair (Black) 4mm
    • (1) Silicone ring pair (Black) 5mm
    • (1) Silicone ring pair (Black) 6mm
    • (1) Silicone ring pair (Red + Blue) 4mm
    • (1) Silicone ring pair (Red + Blue) 5mm
    • (1) Silicone ring pair (Red + Blue) 6mm
    27 Items

    Data sheet

    Oculus Go
    Oculus Quest
    Oculus Rift S

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