Handles for Oculus Rift controllers (Oculus Touch) and Beat Saber game
      • Handles for Oculus Rift controllers (Oculus Touch) and Beat Saber game
      • Handles for Oculus Rift - beat saber game
      • Handles Oculus Touch playing beat Saber game

      Handles for Oculus Rift controllers (Oculus Touch) and Beat Saber game


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      Designed specifically for the game Beat Saber, it allows the player to become familiar with the game and to master the game perfectly :

      • 2 Handles (Right and Left)
      • Compatible with Oculus Touch
      • Highly resistant and textured product (made mainly by 3D printer)
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      Beat Saber player?

      If you play Beat Saber, this accessory includes two handles for your 2 Oculus Touch controllers is ideal! Improve your gaming performance and a more comfortable experience to beat all your friends.

      Comfortable and safe

      Thanks to the foam coating, the grip is pleasant for long sessions of virtual reality game and a safety strap.

      The handle Oculus Touch will be locked to your handle thanks to an ingenious system of hanging in the battery compartment provided for this purpose (grip strap)


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      questions Clément on 2019-08-29 10:10:39

      Hello, are the Oculus controller handles compatible with the Oculus Quest controllers? Both models are called "Oculus Touch" but there is no information about this on your site. Thank you in advance


      The compatible version with the new Oculus Touch controllers (Quest & Rift S) is available on this product sheet : https://immersive-display.com/en/oculus-quest-accessories/552-handles-oculus-touch-controllers-quest-rift-s-beat-saber.html

      questions Hugo on 2019-08-29 09:55:11

      www.ufencevr.com I have a game, that I hope to release some time soon, that has my controller ( your own blade in a gimble that you can set the exact angle of your blade within ) in the center of the controller ( see in vid ) this is what I need, maybe this is something we could manufacture together. Does you controller offset the center of the controller so that the handle is in the middle of your hand ? Best Hugo


      There is no setting on our handle, you can just position your hand higher or lower on the foam part.

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