• AMVR


    Virtual Reality accessorist

    AMVR is our manufacturing fabricant with whom we delevop new products thanks to our customers' feedback and our ideas

  • AR Technology

    AR Technology

    MIXED AR-TECHNOLOGY is a company that designs advanced solutions for mixed reality tracking.

  • Govark


    Govark, a brand for Virtual Reality

    Govark is a brand specializing in virtual reality accessories including the sub-brand GOVR, manufacturer of tailor-made suitcases specifically developed for new electronic equipment related to virtual reality. Starting from the observation that the totality of a VR helmet is quite restrictive to install and to transport, the company wished to facilitate the life of the fighters by proposing a range of suitcase for different needs.

  • HP


    Professionals HP workstations

    HP is our partner on the computer range and especially on the range of workstations. The Z Series is designed and tested to perform resource intensive work tasks such as 3D modeling, CAD, virtual reality and many others. High reliability, we recommend models adapted to your needs according to the type of professional use. HP Z workstations offer the best performance to maximize productivity, secure data, and speed up.

  • HTC Vive

    HTC Vive

    Get the best of virtual reality with HTC Vive

    Resulting from a partnership between HTC, the Taiwanese phone manufacturer, and Valve, the American video game creation studio, the HTC Vive was born. This virtual reality headset is one of the best on the market in terms of performance, in fact it surpasses the Oculus Rift. The collaboration between HTC and Valve aims to combine both the hardware part and the content offer.

    Authorized VIVE reseller

    Immersive Display is an official reseller of VIVE headsets, accessories and spare parts in France and in the European Union.

  • LensPens



    Reseller of the brand Lenspen, at the forefront of technology for the cleaning of VR/AR products. The product comes in the form of a pencil with a retractable brush of organic bristles and a pad containing the famous carbon.

  • Manfrotto


    Manfrotto accessories and mounting brackets

    Manfrotto is an Italian company that designs, manufactures and sells equipment and accessories for photography, lighting, video and cinema. It offers a range of tripods and ball-heads from excellent bills. By analyzing the emerging market of RV, we noticed that a need for mobility equipment was necessary, that is why we selected the most suitable products to fix basic cameras or transport them. Manfrotto guarantees a high standard quality on all of these products, pursuing a goal being to provide the demanding customer or professional target.

  • Meta Quest

    Meta Quest

    Virtual immersion with Meta Quest

    With Meta Quest virtual reality headsets, including Quest 2, take the immersive experience of virtual reality to the next level with over 250 games and applications. Discover all the social experiences available to you in VR. Formerly Oculus VR, the ambitions of the brand bought by Facebook are numerous, especially for the deployment of the metaverse universe.

  • Microsoft


    Microsoft: The mixed reality leader

    Reseller of the reference brand in mixed reality, find the HoloLens 2 headsets and its accessories: adapters, chargers, head straps etc.

  • MSI


    MSI, the reference brand in computer hardware

    MSI is one of the largest manufacturers of computer hardware, mainly in the field of gaming computers. You can find at Immersive Display batteries for the MSI VR One back pack, with an autonomy of up to 90 minutes!

  • Pico



    Find the VR headsets: the Pico Neo 3 pro Eye, Pico Neo 2 or the Pico G2, and accessories for headsets and controllers.

  • Ront Production

    Ront Production

    Cleaning and maintenance for VR hardware

    Specializing in the formulation, development and manufacture of cleaning solutions and surface treatments for industry, Ront Production offers a very wide technical range for all needs. With Ront Production, we select products adapted to the world of virtual reality for efficient cleaning and maintenance.

  • StarTech


    Stereolabs is the leading provider of 3D depth and motion sensing solutions based on stereo vision and artificial intelligence.

  • Tailor Advice

    Tailor Advice

    The French Clean Box

    Made in France, this brand is the reference of the clean box of VR headsets with UV-C rays!

  • Uvisan



    Reseller of the Uvisan brand, find the UVC disinfection cabinet for your virtual reality helmets, phones, tablets or your VR accessories! With Uvisan's technology it allows you to eliminate 99% of bacteria.

  • Volfoni


    Creative 3D technology with Volfoni

    The equipment and 3D systems for the cinema and the virtual reality are the specialties of the Volfoni group that became an indispensable player. The company develops and develops new 3D products every year with its R & D Center managing from design to distribution throughout the world. Volfoni offers the most powerful range of active and passive 3D technologies. The film industry is the original sector of society that is now developing in simulation, education, engineering, museum and virtual reality. It is with blind confidence that Imersive Display distributes the Volfoni range.

  • VR Cover

    VR Cover

    VR Cover : The ultimate accessory to dress your VR headset

    Since 2014, VR Cover has been thinking and designing solutions to make the use of your virtual reality headset cleaner. It is in August 2014 that the manufacturer announces the first protective cover for helmet Oculus Rift DK2.
    Since then, VR Cover has come a long way and now offers a wide range of products for several models of helmets: Vive - Oculus Rift - Zeiss - Samsung Gear, leather or cotton ...

  • Whitebox



    The Swedish brand committed to eliminating viruses and bacteria through UV-C technology. Ecological, fast and efficient, with this cleaning technique you don't need toxic products to clean your VR equipment.