VR Eye Tracking Module - PIMAX

Pimax eye tracking add-on

Eye Tracking Module for PIMAX Headset
gaze interaction with pimax
Droolon Pi1 for Pimax
Eye Tracking Module for PIMAX Headset
gaze interaction with pimax
Droolon Pi1 for Pimax

Designed in cooperation with 7Invensun, the Pimax Eye Tracking module allows you to interact with eye movements :

  • Gaze-based interaction
  • Eye movement analysis (data to analyze behaviors...)
  • Variable Rate Shading (VRS): Maximizing performance according to zoning
  • USB-C powered via dedicated port in the headset
  • Compatibility: All PIMAX models

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Gaze interaction

Gaze interaction, as a new form of auxiliary interaction, helps users to interact with elements in VR scene through their eyes, to achieve the interactive content of selection, aiming, attention feedback, etc... and then establishes a multimodal interaction system of eye tracking, handle, gesture and voice in VR scene.

Pimax  x  7Invensun partnership 

Collaboration between Pimax and 7Invensun

Eye movement analysis

Researchers can acquire data on users' eye movements via the entire analysis system to analyze their psychological states such as attention, excitement according to their eye movements. This application can provide technical support for UX research, psychological analysis, marketing and many other areas.

After adding eye movement tracking to the VR headset, it will bring great benefits in terms of performance economy, user interaction, game convenience and user demands, etc. With the development of technology, 7invensun's eye tracking is ready to create more possibilities in virtual reality !

Eye movement analysis

Foveated rendering

Based on the physiological characteristics of the human eye, the user's fovea vision is rendered in high-definition, and the peripheral vision is rendered in low resolution, which increases the frame rate, reduces GPU pressure, reduces vertigo, and significantly improves users Immersive control experience.

Intelligent foveal rendering

Eye movement simulation

in VR environment, avatar can reappear all kinds of action states of human eyes in real time, such as line of sight directions, blinking, squinting, etc.

Using in VR social, VR conference and other VR applications can enrich avatar's emotional expression and bring closer to the real virtual social experience.

Eye movement simulation with pimax

In the box

  • (1) VR Eye Tracking Module - Pimax
  • (1) Magnetic base
  • (1) USB 3.0 Adapter cable
  • (1) User's manual


Data sheet

1 year manufacturer's warranty
All PIMAX models
Refresh rate
30Hz - 120Hz (Customizable)
110° (Eye Tracking Range)
Latency time
5ms max.
60 g
USB Type-C


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