M-Vision 23000 WU - Digital Projection



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      The M-Vision 23000 WU digital projection system offers an unprecedented 23,000 lumens output and 10,000:1 contrast ratio, providing budget-conscious applications with a large screen imaging solution and near Tri-DLP performance at the price of Mono-DLP:

      • 23,000 lumens
      • WUXGA resolution
      • ColorBoost + Red Laser Technology
      • 20,000 hours
      • Light source: Laser
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      Incredible brightness for a multitude of applications

      The new lamp-less laser-phosphor projector is loaded with ColorBoost + Red Laser technology to deliver the most realistic and saturated colours at previously unattainable luminance levels. Venues that need powerful large format images within budget without sacrificing colour accuracy, as well as those that are faced with ambient light, will benefit directly from the light output, contrast ratio and colorimetry of the market-leading M-Vision 23000. Its DisplayPort supports frame rates up to 60 Hz and HDMI 1.4b for side-by-side, Frame Packing and Top Bottom 3D formats. Motorised movement, zoom and focus across the full range of lenses provide additional flexibility and ease of configuration.

      ColorBoost + Red Laser TechnologyColorBoost + Red Laser technology

      The use of red lasers, together with a specially designed colour wheel, enables projectors using this technology to produce more vivid, saturated and vibrant images than previously thought possible with single DLP projectors.  The resulting colour gamut ensures that the projector will achieve at least the REC709 standard.

      Multi-Axis Orientation

      For maximum flexibility, the M-Vision 23000 can be used in both portrait and landscape mode, pointing up and down and at all angles in between.

      Edge Blending

      The high bit depth processing enables a homogeneous and contiguous image to be obtained from multiple projectors.


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      M-Vision 23000 WU

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