Pimax Vision 8K Plus (2020)

PC VR Gaming Headset for simulation

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Pimax Vision 8K Plus VR headset
Pimax 8K version 2020
Immersive experience
Headset + strap
Refresh rate 90Hz
Pimax Vision 8K Plus VR headset
Pimax 8K version 2020
Immersive experience
Headset + strap
Refresh rate 90Hz

The Pimax Vision 8K Plus* headset is the improved version of its predecessor 8K offering an incredible screen resolution (3840*2160*2) :

  • Total resolution of 7680 x 2160 pixels
  • 200° field of view
  • Smooth gameplay experience with 90Hz refresh rate
  • Maximum compatibility: Steam/Oculus Home/Steam VR Lighthouse 1.0 & 2.0
  • New design for improved comfort and widened top strap

*Pimax Vision 8K Plus does not include controllers, base stations


Compatibility : Steam VR Lighthouse 1.0 Steam VR Lighthouse 1.0

Compatibility : Steam VR Lighthouse 2.0 Steam VR Lighthouse 2.0


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The redefined VR resolution

With a resolution per eye of 3840x2160 pixels, the Pimax Vision 8K Plus becomes a new reference and immerses you like no other helmet

Visual defects are from the past.

Extra large FOV

Closer to human vision, the 200 ° field of view allows you to fully enjoy a game and be more attentive to the world around you.

New ergonomic design

This new version offers an improved comfort kit :

- 45mm thicker strap for excellent head support

- A new foam and a nose guard

Maximum compatibility

The Pimax 8K Plus supports 95% of VR games on Steam & Oculus Home platforms.

The headset is sold alone, but if you want to play at a room scale (roomscale), you can buy a base station and controllers (compatible Steam VR Lighthouse 1.0 & 2.0)

 Recommended PC Specs : 

  • OS : Windows 10
  • Graphics Card : NVIDIA RTX 2060 or above
  • CPU : Intel i5-9400 or above
  • RAM : 8GO
  • Video Output : USB 2.0/3.0, DisplayPort 1.2


In the box

  • (1) Pimax Vision 8K Plus (2020) Headset
  • (1) Standard headband strap
  • (1) Cable (5 meters)
  • (1) Dust cloth
  • (1) Manual


Data sheet

Oculus Home
Steam VR Lighthouse 1.0
Steam VR Lighthouse 2.0
2*3840x2160 pixels
Refresh rate
90 Hz
Screen type
Dual CLPL (Customized low persistence liquid) Panel
IPD Adjustment
3.5mm audio
DP 1.2 (DisplayPort)
Integrated microphone
USB 3.0
USB Type-C
28,1 x 10,8 x 13,6 cm
470 g


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