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    Acer OJO 500



    €474.99 Tax excl.

    The Acer OJO 500 headset is designed for business needs :

    • Removable and interchangeable design
    • Tracking "Inside out" & 6DoF
    • Easy adjustment of the pupillary distance (IPD)
    • Integrated sound output
    • Customizable front cover
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    Removable and interchangeable design

    In order to guarantee optimal headset hygiene and to simplify long-term maintenance, the HMD is made up of removable parts :

    • Removable lens
    • Rigid, flexible and washable head straps

    Easy adjustment and comfort

    IPD setting: You can easily adjust the pupil distance so that the user has a perfect visual experience with great sharpness and clarity.

    Comfort: The head strap helps you to correctly position the headset and the extra-wide padding. This ensures that the player positions the device in front of his eyes and allows the helmet to be held in place.

    Comfort strap

    Integrated sound

    A true innovation in the world of Virtual Reality and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, the patented integrated audio system directs sound to the user's ears. This allows the wearer to remain aware of his or her real environment by hearing external noises while immersed in it.

    Ideal sound technology in public areas for safety reasons

    Integrated sound

    Customizable front cover

    Companies can customize the HMD by printing their logo and colours on the front cover of the headset.

    Customization front cover Acer OJO 500

    Advantages of Windows Mixed Reality (WMR)

    The WMR offers many advantages to make the VR experience more immersive:

    • Inside-Out" tracking system (sensors integrated in the headset)
    • 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF)
    • more than 2500 games and experiences available on STEAM VR and Microsoft Store

    In the box

    • (1) Acer OJO 500 headset
    • (2) Wireless motion controllers

    Data sheet

    Refresh rate
    90 Hz
    MPN (Manufacturer Product Number)

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