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    HTC Vive Focus 3 (business edition) - 99HASY002-00
    • HTC Vive Focus 3 (business edition) - 99HASY002-00
    • Discover the all-in-one VIVE Focus 3
    • Get in and out of VR in seconds.
    • Long-lasting VR performance
    • Balanced comfort for long sessions
    • New Focus 3 controllers

    HTC Vive Focus 3 (Business Edition)



    €1,180.00 Tax excl.

    The all-in-one VIVE Focus 3 offers best-in-class graphics, crisp resolution, powerful graphics processing and advanced tracking. It's the perfect headset for creating advanced professional applications :

    • 5K resolution: All-in-one virtual reality made for quality graphics
    • 120° field of view to see more
    • Smooth images with a 90Hz refresh rate
    • PC rendering with VIVE Business Streaming
    • And more : Cooling system, interchangeable battery, magnetic front and rear cushions

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    Premium standalone headset

    Experience the all-in-one VIVE Focus 3, which offers incredible graphics, crisp resolution, powerful graphics processing and tracking without the need for a PC or base station. Perfect for advanced professional applications.

    5K graphics quality

    Visualise your creativity with crystal clarity. See and feel before you put your ideas into action. No need for costly and time-consuming editing:

    • Always sharp: 5K resolution See more
    • Field of view up to 120° Smooth images
    • 90 Hz refresh rate

    Active cooling

    The active cooling mechanism and thermo-optimised battery keep the temperature of the device at an ideal level. The result: better performance and longer immersive sessions.

    Intelligent cooling

    Immersive 3D spatial sound

    The two speakers provide 3D spatial sound and for total immersion with your headphones, the 3.5mm audio jack is available. The directional speaker design, with reduced sound leakage, allows for greater privacy.

    Durable, interchangeable battery

    VIVE Focus 3's energy-efficient design provides up to 2 hours of continuous use. Quickly recharge to 50% power in just 30 minutes. For all-day VR use, the battery can be replaced in seconds for easy and convenient charging.

    Vive Focus 3 for professionals

    Natural Gestures

    The new controllers offer a comfortable, balanced grip for easy movement and navigation in your professional VR applications. Your movements are intuitive, precise and controlled with 6 DoF support, ergonomically placed buttons, triggers and touch sensors.

    VIVE Business Streaming

    Go beyond the graphics capabilities of the standalone headset. Connect to a PC to render more complex scenes and visually intensive applications for state-of-the-art VR performance.

    Vive Business Streaming with computer

    In the box

    • (1) VIVE Focus 3 Headset
    • (1) Left Controller (L)
    • (1) Right Controller (R)
    • (2) Controller straps
    • (1) Power adapter
    • (1) Y-Cable
    • (1) Cleaning cloth
    • Documentation

    Data sheet

    2448 x 2448 pixels (per eye)
    Inside-Out (4 cameras)
    Inside-Out (6 cameras)
    Refresh rate
    90 Hz
    Screen type
    Dual LCD
    Bluetooth 5.2
    USB 3.2 Typ-C
    Wi-Fi 6

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