The essential accessories for Vive

We offer a whole range of accessories dedicated to the HTC Vive which are useful and pratical. To maintain hygiene and cleanliness against the sweat-absorbing foam and bacteria of each user, you can use a VR cover or a disposable mask for intensive use in demo and showcase. Use a clamp to fix your lighthouse on a single shelf or any brackets. Waterproof or cotton, for personal or professional use, enjoy the numerous benefits of your HTC Vive accessories.

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Showing 1-22 of 22 item(s)

Enhance the experience of your VIVE device

HTC Vive Accessories

Every HTC Vive accessory in our catalog is so useful that you will not be able to do without it after installing it. You will find VR Cover protective foams that are perfect for the hygienic use of your helmet. Indeed, they will retain bacteria and absorb sweat, which can be several to use in turn the same helmet. There are also disposable covers that are especially recommended for professionals who use the HTC Vive headset in trade shows or intensively.

You can also order attachment accessories to safely place your helmet.

We also offer carrying cases to avoid damaging your equipment, protective shells, charging stations, external batteries, trackers and devices to fix where you want, cables, headbands etc.